Hampson's British Museum Moth Illustrations:

Complete Hampson Noctuid Plates

The intention of this project is to provide illustrations of the worlds noctuids to as broad an audience as possible. This will be achieved by providing low resolution images of the original plates of the principle cataloguers of the Noctuids: Hampson, Strecker, Holland, Barnes and McDunnough, published on the WWW. Higher resolution images will be available as samples from each plate published on the WWW as lossy jpeg images (i.e. highest compression consistent with an impression of the detail but compressed enough to allow reasonable download time). The highest quality images of individual plates and figures, suitable for printing and close to equivalent in quality to the published versions will be available on CDs from the author or suitable publisher, once one is found. Inquiries about availablity of individual sets of plates are welcome by Email to the editor, Joe Kunkel, at joe@bio.umass.edu. Please feel free to comment on this project's value to your work or interests!

Hampson Catocala Plates List of Figured Species

Individual figures are available through the Framed Catocala link on the Moth History home page

Individual Hampson Catocala Plates:
CXCII: Catocalinae CXCIII: Catocalinae CXCIV: Catocalinae
CXCV: Catocalinae CXCVI: Catocalinae CXCVII: Catocalinae
CXCVIII: Catocalinae CXCIX: Catocalinae CC: Catocalinae
CCI: Catocalinae

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